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Here are some pictures that we would like to share with you.  
May take a few moments to load

Such a lovely couple
A couple of our wedding pictures. Naturally it was a western wedding.

Even our horses, Thumper and Buster were there.

Scott and Buster

Scott on Buster

Debra on Thumper

I am on the right  with the long blond hair.

 Ohio Top Hands Rodeo Drill Team

Performance of our Rodeo Drill team

Scott on California Cowgirl

Buckeyes Rodeo Cowboy (Rodeo) Blue Astrallian Cattle Dog and Buckeyes Annie Oakley (Oakley) Red Australlian Cattle Dog.

Meet Sport, or Sportster as we call him.

Dayton Ohio 2004
Dayton Childrens Parade
I am right behind the sorrel on the left of pic you can see thumpers head
This is the Ohio Top Hands Rodeo Drill Team

I won the 2004 Top Hand Gymkhana Queen Title and the Jr. Queen is beside me

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 click on picture for link

Debra on a bowing Thumper

Debra & Thumper on poles
Debra & Thumper on Barrels
Heading for home
Scott & Buster

Here is a pic that I am in on the left side second to last but this was the year we won the title in 2003